KINGPIN Fab 165lb/480mm Free Height FRONT



165lbs – 480mm Free Height – Linear rate

  • On a Defender with Bull Bar and Synthetic rope winch these will provide an approx 320mm load height – 
  • Made by Dobinsons Springs to our own specs
  • (this is based on a vehicle with a 1280kg front axle weight)
  • This rate is perfect for those who want a linear spring that is long enough to remain inside of the inbuilt dislocation cone when using Superflex arms, and also using 12.5″+ shocks
  • Particularly well suited to our Weekend Warrior kit for this reason, and also the fact that a lower spring rate will also compress better than a shorter stiffer coil offering the equivalent lift.
  • This col is suited to those who want to set their rig up for offroad use, being a softer more supple coil. Running a softer rate up front in combination with a retained rear end will encourage the front end to articulate.
  • Also suited to those who are considering setting up for ‘Comfort Touring” or road driving in conjunction with front and rear swaybars.

*We also do custom coils in any rate and length

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 53 × 38 × 19 cm