KINGPIN Fab 237lb/430mm Free Height FRONT



237lbs – 430mm Free Height – Linear rate

  • On a Defender with Bull Bar and Synthetic rope winch these will provide an approx 320mm load height – 
  • (this is based on a vehicle with a 1280-1290kg front axle weight
  • Made by Dobinsons Springs to our own specs
  • This rate is perfect for those who want a linear spring that will encourage good road manners without being overly harsh like some many off the shelf ‘lift’ springs which are often around the 280lb mark !
  • Not suitable for our Weekend Warrior kit due to the shorter free length
  • This coil is suited to those who want to set their rig up for mostly road use, whether that be tarmac or hundreds of miles of remote outback roads, or forestry tracks etc
  • Encourages good cornering behaviour, which can also be helped with our custom tuned shocks, without being ‘over-sprung’ in terms of spring rates, winch promotes a harsh ride…like most much of the 285lbs ish off the shelf 2″ lift coils on the market.

*We also do custom coils in any rate and length*




Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 53 × 38 × 19 cm