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The Ashcroft Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential

*This listing is for a ROVER 24spline DIFF* - ask us if you need a P38 (late model Defender)

The key features are: -

  • Fully automatic, needs no driver input
  • Totally transparent on road, i.e, no unwanted adverse effects
  • Only comes into play when one wheel looses traction, i.e, a difference in wheel speed
  • Enhances the traction control as it multiplies the bias load created by the braking effect of the traction control
  • Needs no adjustment as the gears compensate for any wear that takes place
  • Only with 24 spline side gears
  • No airlines etc required like an airlocker
  • Option of new side carrier Bearings

The Ashcroft Torque Biasing centre works best with a good quality Mineral based oil, we do not recommend synthetic oils, friction additives / modifiers and not required.