KINGPIN FAB PANHARD ROD - 7075 ALLY w/heim joint

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Suits Defenders, RRRC & D1
Bolt in replacement Front Panhard.

These Panhards include a Heim joint with Stainless Steel high misalignment spacers for bind free movement at the diff mount, and quality Superpro bushes at the chassis end, which due to its free floating crush tube, allows the whole system to virtually bind free. This prolongs the life of the bushings, as well as giving a more responsive and direct feel through the steering.

This kit includes:

  • 1.5" solid 7075-T6 Panhard - ANODIZED BLACK
  • 7/8" chromoly 3 PIECE Heim & SS spacers (3-piece are MUCH better than cheaper 2 piece heims)
  • Machined bush housing
  • Superpro bushing for the chassis end

7075 Alloy?
This particular material has been proven around the world in Rock crawlers, Ultra4, Rock Bouncers, & other motorsports. For it's strength & resistance to bending. Whilst remaining very light weight.
7075 has a memory characteristic, Meaning it will flex & return to straight in extreme situations. Whilst still retaining its strength

 When raising your Land Rover, the front axle is shifted to one side...putting your diff off centre

    Note there is a 14mm AND 16mm Bush Sleeve variants of these.

    *The most foolproof way to identify which you need, is provide us with your VIN number at if your not sure what size you need.*