Defender Ext’d Front Mud Shield & Mud Flap KIT

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This is the FULL Front Mud Shield, Mud Flap Bracket and Mud Flap KIT.

This is a pair (kit includes right hand and left hand sides)

MOUNTING BRACKETS: These mounting brackets are to move your existing standard front mudflap forward and outwards, they will stop all the mud that gets flung up the doors and onto the door handle especially when big wheels and tyres are fitted, the mounting brackets are made out of 3mm galvanized steel and come with all bolts to fit them, they will also fit if you have sill bars, rock sliders fitted as the chassis bracket has 2 mounting positions.

MUD SHIELDS: These outrigger mud shield guards will fit all Defenders, they are to stop all the mud and road salt getting on top of the front outriggers, road salt and mud settles on top of the outrigger and causes them to rot away, even galvanized chassis do suffer after a while, they also make cleaning your Land Rover much easier as the mud can’t get into the outrigger and around the footwell. They are made from a rigid but still flexible 3mm plastic material in black, they are very easy to fit they use the 2 inner wing securing screws to secure them.

MUD FLAPS Mud Flaps also included in this kit

When fitting the mud shield kits we recommend using Moly Grease on all nuts/bolts and on all the steel and galvanized fittings that bolt to alloy as it acts as a barrier to stop corrosion.

Detailed fitting instructions are supplied with the kit