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This is an WIDE ANGLE Adjustable Greaseable A-Frame Ball Joint ready pressed into the housing to make it much easier for you to fit to your Land Rover, A frame joints can be very difficult to get out of the old housing and just as difficult to press the new one in, this is why we have done this ready assembled in the housing.

This A-Frame Ball Joint can be adjusted if you do find you get play.
To adjust, tighten the 19mm adjuster nut 1/4 turn at a time until the play has gone and knock over the lock tabs once done.
By greasing the a-frame ball joint you will prevent the adjuster nut from seizing up which is common with adjustable joints.

Gwynn is now replacing the Standard Rubber Boots on our A-Frame Ball Joints with UPGRADED polyurethane POLY BOOTS, He is doing this during assembly here as they are not as easy to change later once fitted on a vehicle. They are also pre greased.

A common problem with Rubber Boots these days is perishing/cracking, Rubber doesn’t seem to be what it used to be.
Polyurethane will not perish/crack like normal Rubber so will give a much longer service life.