HD Crank seal for 300tdi & 2.8TGV Made by MWM

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HD Crank seal for 300tdi & 2.8TGV Made by MWM

Are you fed up with a leaking 300tdi crank seal? The best solution to the inferior design of the original 300tdi....this crank seal uses 2 extra fixing bolts at the bottom of the crank (6 o’clock position) to provide extra clamping load against the block forming a far better seal. These seals come from MWM in Brazil hence their cost, but they are known as the best upgrade to the 300tdi.

Please note this will require drilling and tapping of the 2 lower bolt holes to install onto a 300tdi- an easy job for an mechanic, if in doubt please seek help from a professional to install! (Not Essential, can be fitted without using the 2 bottom holes on a 300tdi)

Installation: For the 2 extra bolt holes to be used in the bottom of the 300tdi Block, if desired, you will need to drill and tap the holes for an M6x16mm cap head bolt. For Sealing the crank seal to the block, we recommend using Victor Reinz RTV silicone in 1 long bead around the bolt holes, Joining the bead around each hole.

We realised that although the OEM crank seals were ok, many factory cars fitted with the 300tdi were leaking from the gasket face between the crank seal and block, hence we found this solution from MWM in brazil. (the manufacturer of the 2.8TGV international engine)

This crank seal includes and addition dust seal too, increasing its reliability over the original LUF100430 Crank seal

NOTE: ERR6811  gasket no longer required, use the mentioned sealant instead.


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