KINGPIN Bumpstop Spacers

KINGPIN Bumpstop Spacers

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Bumpstop spacers to suit All Defenders, Perentie, RRC, & Disco 1 - FRONT & REAR

    • Powdercoated Satin Black
    • Avail in  +35mm
    • Fitting hardware incl

At KINGPIN Fab we always match shock mount height to your some ask why why we sometime opt to include these in our custom suspension kits we put together.

We most commonly use these in our own setups to reduce UPTRAVEL, if though conversation about the vehicles intended use, we decide that due to the lift we can reduce some of the up travel to unlock transfer that wasted portion of uptravel to down travel. We are able to unlock down travel by say adding a 25mm spacer for arguments sake - then match with a turret that is 25mm lower than what we would provide if not using spacers.

Someone who like to give it abit of a squirt an/or agressive driver offroad on the forestry tracks/tarcks between tracks, or does beach work etc etc...definatly would benefit from keeping all the up travel avail in most cases.

Running 37" tyres will often require running spacers too - if you want to reduce the amount of trimming to be done. Our personal preference s to cut the rig to fit the tyres however. It all depends on the setup of course though.