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These SOLID Chromoly track rods are the strongest bars available worldwide for your Landy, and have the added benefit of having a incredibly high amount of 'spring' in them due to the material properties.  It is almost common knowledge Land Rover likely designed/specc'ed the factory Track Rod design 30mins before knock off on a Friday arvo! Yer - really not to sure what on earth they were thinking!

Almost all other HD steering rods on the market are HI-Tensile Steel at 350mPa tensile strength, We are not knocking these at all - they are great!, and we also sell these.

Our solid Chromoly bars are 32mm 4140 Chromoly rated at a whooping 980mPa tensile strength

Also included with every KINPIN FAB Chromoly rod is a pair of KINGPIN Fab Extra HD Stainless steel HD Jam nuts!

Chromoly, compared to regular hi-tensile steel is better suited to spring back to its original shape rather than bending and then not returning back to its original shape.

If you want the strongest bar available...this is the one for you Wilco ;)

For heavy offroad use, we recommend using ONLY LEMFORDER tie rod ends with this product, due to the high quality of these joints and superior casting strength over cheaper ones. No point getting the strongest bar avail, only to skimp on the quality of your tie rod ends