KINGPIN Extra HD Recovery Points

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Extra HD TOW/RECOVERY Points - MULTI FIT (Defender-Disco1-Disco2)

These Extra HD units are made with a whopping 16mm 350mPa grade CNC Plasma cut Aussie steel plate, that’s thicker than anything else on the market available for your Land Rover – Period!

We only recommend you install these items with NEW M12 - 12.9 Grade zinc plated bolts and nyloc nuts, AS WELL as installing the optional crush tubes into the upper chassis mount hole used by these brackets IF YOU PLAN ON DOING SNATCH RECOVERYS

If there is not a hole already and your bullbar does not also use this hole - you may not have a hole there at all! From the factory this upper hole was not present in Defenders.

We now offer custom made crush tubes than have been machined from 1” solid round steel to install into the upper bolt hole mount for those who plan to do snatch recoveries with these. We also recommend installing the 3rd M12 bolt for good measure.

Installation of these optional crush tubs is fairly simple and only requires a 1” bi-metal hole saw, a welder, and a grinder.

ALWAYS use a bridle and BOTH mounts AND a rope dampener blanket when performing a recovery from the front end. Recovery’s can be fatal if not carried out correctly.

Please leave us a note at checkout if you have selected Powdercoated, with your colour choice. This will add up to approx 10-20 business days to your order to have them coated. Alternately we will send out BLACK powdercoated by default if you do not specify colour.