D110/130  REAR 320lb - UP TO 250KG LOAD

D110/130 REAR 320lb - UP TO 250KG LOAD

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320bs - 440mm Free Height - Linear rate - UP TO 250KG LOAD

Rear D110/130 & Perentie/County

    • On a Defender with a med to lightweight set of drawers, and 33" tyre off the back these will provide around 365mm load height (+50mm)
    • On a Defender D110 wagon or D130 with a heavier set of drawers and and approx 200-250kg of load these will provide around 340-350mm load height (+20-30mm )
    • On a Perentie these will provide around the 365-375mm load height (2" lift from civilian Defender)
    • Particularly well suited to our Tough Tourer kit, for people who still daily their rigs, but also like to get out and play on the weekends, or load up and head away on an adventure
    • Also suited to those who are considering setting up for 'Comfort Touring" or road driving in conjunction with front and rear swaybars. with heavier loads in conjunction with airbagman helper bags.