KINGPIN HD Rear Coil Retainer System

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HD Rear Spring Retainer Systems


Different strokes for different folks....but contrary to popular belief (information regurgitated over and over by those with no actual experience), To retain instead of dislocate in a front radius armed truck, you will most importantly increase your rear roll stiffness, which increases your stability off road especially in off-camber (or leaning) situations, whilst not losing provided you are running spring rates soft enough. (Remember a spring will stretch as just much as it compresses)

This makes your vehicle not only more capable by introducing additional roll stiffness to the rear suspension geometry over a dislocating setup, which in turn will make your vehicle more stable, more predictable...but also forces more of the suspension forces to the front...forcing it to work harder. A must for any front radius armed truck!

Just look at any competitors in any offroad events, in any discipline and you will be hard pressed to find any rigs running dislocation cones. (except in the UK 'green-laning' and 'twistoff' flex ramp scene)

Ask your local fab shop that works on the likes of rigs for Tuff Truck etc...guys that REALLY know their stuff. Mention dislocation...and your most defiantly going to get some fairly strange looks :) ..and mabee laughs when you leave even :D

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