KINGPIN Outback Tourer Suspension KIT

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KINGPIN Outback Tourer Suspension KIT

This kit has been put together for those who are are not particularly interested in long travel suspension systems, but rather want to set up a dedicated touring rig that will not only have the strength and reliability you desire, but also have the performance that will put a smile on your face.

Part & customised Kits many will have already some components, or have specific goals in mind

Due to the fact there is so many variations available for this kit…please contact via phone or your contact form, and we will be in touch! We will put together a tailored kit for you and your goals. We will put together a custom proposal and quote for you incl shipping estimate


    • Superior Engineering 8.5" Stroke Custom Valved 2.0 Remote res Shocks Front & Rear (These are the same stroke as standard Land Rover shocks) but we set them up with our shock mounts to suit up to a 2" lift
    • KINGPIN Front Shock Turrets designed specifically for these shocks in height.
    • KINGPIN Rear shock mounts (pin to pin conversion - ideal for remote touring as heaven forbid you damage a shock, you can easily source any 80-100series Landcruiser front shock to get you out of trouble and on your way)
    • Maxidrive Track Rod
    • Maxidrive Drag Link
    • 3x LEMFORDER Tie rod ends (Disco 1 will require 4 in total - +$59)
    • Hel Performance Custom Brakelines - your colour choice (3 piece kit) (4 piece ABS  kit is +$70)
    • td5 & Puma will require a fuel filter relocating bracket - (+ $110 extra)
    • Tough Dog 9-way adj Steering Dampener (This item is not ESSENTIAL to running the rest of the kit and can be removed  -$230)



Supply of caster bushes with any lifted vehicle (+$260-$310)

*We can also supply Dobinson springs as part of this package - ask us about this