KINGPIN Rear Shock Mounts

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(Enable you to run pin to pin mount shocks in the rear)

  • Suit DEFENDER 90/110/130, DISCO 1, & RRC variants,
  • Equipped with the incredibly relaxed shock bush at a glorious 2" ride height.
  • We're not here to play it safe, folks. Our genius engineering allows you to rock up to an 11.5" stroke (6" lift cruiser shock re-valved for Land Rover) Superior Engineering remote res 8-way adj shock without the need for those pesky extended bump-stops in a Defender. Why? Because we know you have better things to worry about, like conquering the offroad world.
  • And let's not even get started on the design. We've waved goodbye to those cheap British Jobs, bringing you the most superior design you'll ever lay your beady little adventurous eyes on.
  • And the looks you ask…Trust us, your Land Rover has never looked this good.
  • 100% Austalian materials, and locally made in-house
Disclaimer: KINGPIN Fab may cause excessive grinning, glances of envy, and a higher level of vehicle enjoyment.