KINGPIN Swaybar Conversion Kit - OFFROAD

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 This kit is to convert a STRAIGHT Land Rover rear Swaybar for OFFROAD use!

Obviously being able to run a swaybar on-road is going to bring back some lost road manners as well, so it's a win-win situation.


    • 6061 Aluminium swaybar links
    • Chromoly Heim Joints with Zinc Misalignment spacers + Jam nuts
    • New pre-welded axle brackets
    • New swaybar chassis brackets
The rear end of a Rover with its A.frame and trailing arms is highly lacking on any roll resistance like the front end with its radius arms. By running a rear swaybar, you introduce some roll stiffness back into the rear.

For offroad this has a number of advantages that it seems are not commonly understood.

By introducing roll stiffness into the rear, with a swaybar system that is laid out so you do not loose any flex, you are nor forcing more of the suspension forces throught he chassis to the front. The front end now can begin to work in a better balance with the which every one knows is easy to get to flex. Whats far more impressive and better offroad is a suspension system that works together in balance.

Common assumption tells us that a swaybar will kill flex and we must either use dis-connects or remove altogether if we are to have better offroad performance. Lets pause for a minute and think about the pinnacle of the technical 4x4 scene here in Australia...TUFF TRUCK!

You will be surprised how many teams are using offroad swaybars systems. Sure, they are running dual triangulated four links with hydro steer up front with little to no roll stiffness at front compared to rovers with radius arms up front with bucketloads of roll resistance, but they recognise the advantage of introducing some roll stiffness to their systems...namely the rear. These guys are fully cycling 16-18" shocks with ease.


This kit includes everything you need for the conversion...MINUS the swaybar and the brackets that fix the swaybar to the chassis brackets.

*modification to the rear section of your exhaust is req - so it hugs the chassis after the diff*

Fitting service provided if you are local to Brisbane/Sth East QLD - $600