KINGPIN Swivel Ball Machining - Caster Correction

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Are you sick of manually having to steer out of every corner, and your rig 'tram tracking' everywhere you drive?!

Slotted Swivel ball machining service is now available for 1.5 - 5" lifts, and everything in-between to bring your caster back to factory spec.

Swivels are available at a std 3deg on an exchange (please check availability if you need this service) basis which will cover you for up to 2.5 - 3" of lift

We can also custom machine swivels as per you current caster measurement, or wheel alignment report and machine them to suit how much you're out.

Caster correction at the swivels is in most cases far better than using 'caster bushes' for a number of reasons. The biggest of these is to do with your pinion angle at the diff end. Caster bushes actually roll and rotate your whole diff housing rearward making your pinion angle less than ideal (especially when using a double cardan shaft), resulting in many cases excessive vibration and wear on the uni-joints.In a lifted truck. Correction at the swivels does NOT rotate the whole axle housing - the swivels are the only thing to rotate.