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Welcome to the Ultimate solution to the Defender TDCI worn output shaft:

On the Defender 2.4 and 2.2 Tdci it is a very common fault that the coupling shaft between the MT82 gearbox and the Lt230 transfer box wears out and fails! Land Rover assembled the splined coupling dry on the production track, leading to premature failure of the splines. Symptoms of this failure include:

  • Clunking on take up of drive
  • Clunking when deaccelerating
  • Total loss of drive

For the last 2 years  LOF  have been selling the updated genuine parts which come with special EP grease, but after selling over 500 units they believed we could engineer a better solution!

So now we bring to you, the all new LOF EXTREMEspec MT82 output shaft kit. Developed over the last 2 years alongside industry experts, we are certain this is the ultimate solution. In fact we are so certain that we have given it a LIFE TIME WARRANTY!

So what have they done so special?

Well put simply, they have removed the coupling that fails all together, thus removing the weak link in the drivetrain! The LOF shaft is made as a solid 1 piece design as per older LR drivetrain designs, Incorporating a single draw bolt down the centre of the shaft, ensuring that the shaft is retained tight to the back of the Mt82 gearbox.

What is included in the LOF kit?

  1. 1x LOF EXTREMEspec Solid output shaft,
  2. 1x M12 long cap head draw bolt
  3. 1x Nord lock washer set (M12)
  4. 1x Special retaining bolt adapter
  5. 1x Genuine Coretco MT82 rear drive shaft seal
  6. 1x EAC Transfer box seal
  7. 1x M22 grub screw slide hammer adapter (DO NOT INSTALL WITH SHAFT! KEEP IN THE TOOL BOX)