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The kit is very simple and consists of 2 parts to clamp the diff cross pins, held together with 4 cap head screws and a gear and thrust washers.

The part that clamps the cross pin is also splined and this engages with the rear output shaft so you always have drive to the rear axle.

The gear is fitted to the front side of the diff and shimmed with the supplied thrust washers to have approx. 0.5mm end float, this gear engages with the front output shaft but the gear transmits no drive, its sole purpose is to support the inner end of the front shaft.

When out of ‘diff lock’ you only have drive to the rear axle, the front is not driven by the transfer case but will be driven by the wheels if you don’t have free wheeling hubs.

When ‘diff lock’ is selected, the front shaft is locked to the centre diff so you then have drive to the front also.