Magnetic Drain / Level Plugs

Magnetic Drain / Level Plugs

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Fits:- all Defenders / Discovery 1 / RRc / axles, will also fit the LT230 Transfer Box level plug

Available in pairs, or set of five

Set of five does two Axle level plugs. two Axle drain plugs, and one LT230 Transfer Box Level plug.

These are the same thread as a standard level or drain plugs (3/4 BSPT), they also have the 1/2″ square hole in them to undo or tighten them, the main benefit is they have a magnet fastened onto them that will catch any bits of metal floating around in the axle or diff, 

We always use 2 per axle, 1 as the drain plug and 1 as the level plug, it is a good thing on the level plug as when you check the oil if there is contamination on there you know something is going wrong before it is to late.