MAXIDRIVE LT230 Reduction Gears

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 HD LT230 Reduction Gears - 30 & 49% reduction avail!

    • Price is supply of the gear set, and modification to your intermediate gear to suit (You will need to send this up or supply this) - Can supply a NEW one modified to suit at extra cost to reduce down time (SEND US YOUR CASE SUFFIX NUMBER FOR A QUOTE ON A NEW ONE)
    • Can supply SLEEVED LT230 casings on exchange our outright basis - cure that intermediate shaft to case oil leak permanently! See below
    • Prices are indicative of a common 1.222 or 1.4 case. Other cases and configurations of these cases MAY require more components (extra cost)


Some additional pricing below for extras like the sleeved case - and some labour rates for building a case just to give you an idea. Please contact us if you need additional info or quoting!

  • $205 - SLEEVED LT230 CASE
  • $150 - LT230 CASE BOND (if you would like us to send a sleeved case ahead of you returning your case for bond refund upon receipt of your case)
  • $1600 - LT230 ASSEMBLY (if you are sending your case to have gear-set to be fitted.
  • $550 - Modification required to case to allow the gear-sets to fit (clearance)

***INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS*** - we will need the serial number and tooth count and if possible the part number stamped on the intermediate gear. IF this is not possible, we will need to supply an intermediate gear, transfer gear and high range gear. The reason being, we have had some issues where the gears fitted to the clients transfer case do not agree with the case serial number.

Contact us for more there is quite alot! Alternatively we will be in contact with you within 24hrs of placing an order to walk you though the process if we haven't already.