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These 2020 MEGA propshafts are for those looking for our STRONGEST propshafts

These are our NEW Heavier Duty MEGA propshafts using larger 2020 Universal joints. They have a larger cap diameter compared to our smaller 1310 joints, the larger joints help handle higher torque loads.

Engines today can produce much greater power and torque, especially once tuned, with upgrades in Differential, Axle, Gearbox strengths and with large diameter aggressive tyres this is putting much more demand on your propshafts.
To better cope with this, we would recommend you go for our 2020 MEGA propshafts over our 1310 HD UNITS.

Our 2020 MEGA propshafts use Universal Joints which are 81.8mm x 30.2mm (a 1310 is 81.8mm x 27mm)

One advantage of a larger cap diameter means it has thicker trunnions which can cope with increased power and torque loads but with the joint still being 81.8mm across it remains compact.

The 2020 joints are very strong compact commercial joints.

Both joints are cap greasable which gives very easy access to get your grease gun onto the joint for greasing, you also have the choice of greasing via the centre lube in the middle of the UJ body.
If you are putting your vehicle through more extreme off-road use then there is the chance that you can knock the grease nipple off the cap. If this is a risk then you can remove the nipple in the cap and replace it with the plug we supply, you can then either grease through the centre lube or refit the cap nipple when you need to grease. Cap greased nipples must seal to hold the grease in the cap.

These propshafts are made to a very high standard, please don’t compare these to cheap import ones.

Fitting advice :-
Please note these propshafts have heavy-duty round flanges, when fitting make sure you clean up all flange faces as they should not sit on top of dirt or rust.
Brush grease onto flange faces this will help prevent rust.
The Slider goes to your transfer box flange, for a Double Cardan propshaft the DC end goes to the front transfer box flange.
You must ensure all UJs and the slider are fully greased on fitment and are regularly greased during use.
After greasing cap greased joints, you must make sure the grease nipple does not allow grease to leak back, they must seal after greasing. If you have dirt in there, they will not seal. If this is the case the grease nipple must be replaced or capped with our plug.
Always make sure your propshaft can still turn with your axle at full suspension drop out, long-travel suspension can allow the axle to drop down too far causing the joints to bind and break.

They feature

  • 30 degree wide angle (2020 Series) to prevent the propshaft binding up on long-travel suspension.
  • Higher torque capacity than a standard Land Rover propshaft using 63mm heavy duty tube.
  • Heavy Duty Round Flange Face (not the old square type), that bolts to the gearbox and diff 79.4mm PCD.
  • Higher torque capacity than a standard Land Rover propshaft.
  • Heavy duty cap greased 2020 series Universal Joints(30.2 x 81.8mm) the caps have metal/rubber seals, there are also three slots machined into them to allow even distribution of grease to fill each cap when greasing.
  • Rilsan coated spline for smoother operation and helps eliminate vibrations.
  • Upgraded involute spline configuration with 18 splines that is also GREASEABLE which is a feature only found on our propshafts.
  • Internally plug welded to hold grease in the slider.
  • Double seal arrangement on the slip assembly, with 110mm of movement and full spline contact on the male and female slider to help with long-travel suspension.
  • Phased when required to reduce vibrations.
  • All prop shafts come with a tube of k48 grease.