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The Superflex front springs are a progressive rate, taper-wound, style coil design. This is a unique design as the wire gets progressively thinner in diameter at BOTH ends of the coil.

These springs on most Defenders will provide approx 2.2" lift up front

Suitable for all 4x4 Perenties and any Defender110/130 except the D90 models.

Designed to allow maximum wheel travel and flex without the need for dislocation cones or spring retainers in many of our kits, but we will still need to add rear retainers for those we are setting up for long travel as you will still be able to pop these out.

Can be used with any shock absorber, however due to the soft starting rates of these coils. we do recommend the Superior Engineering remote reservoir long travel monotube shock absorbers or even Radflo, FOX & KING if you have the budget for them. 

These springs should be matched with the superflex rear springs for the best results.

These springs are designed to primarily provide great flex and articulation and ride comfort, however they will take a constant load of up to 300kg. 

Sold as a pair