Superior Engineering LONG TRAVEL NITRO Shocks

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Superior Engineering Nitro Gas 40mm shock absorbers are suitable for your long travel Land Rover suspension system - as a cheaper more budget friendly option to the custom valved remote res shocks we also offer.


Twin tube design with a 40mm piston and a 20mm shaft that provides excellent performance, and is designed to give a more comfortable and improved ride.

Low pressure Nitrogen Gas prevents cavitation of oil inside the shock when it heats up during use over rough roads; this allows the shocks to work more consistently.

The piston has a Teflon coating allowing it to slide more smoothly and last longer.

Highly polished Chrome shaft ensures long shaft life.

High quality seals are designed to protect against oil leaks and perform very well even in dusty and dirty conditions.

9.5" 375 620 245
10" 385 640 255
10.5" 395 660 265
11" 410 690 280
12" 430 736 306
13" 450 776 326